Tracy is a media professional working in television. An enthusiastic explorer of the inter webs, she's held many different roles and has worked on documentary, reality and lifestyle television shows across almost two decades in the industry. Tracy also writes.

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Doc Martens boots and shoes
Go-to fashion favourites

We all have our unofficial clothing uniforms – forever favourites, these are mine.

stripes and white sneakers
Striped clothes will forever rock

Stripes are a an eternal statement. They’re rock chick cool and city chic!

Why I love not being 25

There is a genuine freedom to not being 25 anymore and some great things about getting older.

Happy New Year
Un-resolutions for a new year

I’m giving myself permission to not make any resolutions heading into the new year. More of the good stuff, less of the bullshit.

menopause tampon
Ugh, hello Aunt Flo!

Just when you thought it was safe to wear white pants again … come on already menopause!

kid reading top view
The magic of childhood books

Childhood books that I loved as a mini person, still live with me – decades down the track.

red lips unwrapped
The red lip revolution

I’m a late adaptor, but I am embracing red lipstick as a screw you to people who expect me to wear mid-life coral.

women on rock taking a break
Press pause and breathe

Taking time out for yourself is sometimes a necessary luxury, I pressed pause for a couple of months.

How to fake French
How to fake French

French women have a cool and undone vibe that I am digging. Top tips on how to fake French!

Christmas traditions – my way

I’ve settled into comfortably running my own show at Christmas. Here are my family traditions.