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Why I love not being 25

Why I love not being 25

Aaah -the general angst of your twenties. Do you remember it? Perhaps it was just me, but not knowing who I really was or how I wanted to move through the world was a process (spoiler: I got there). There are some things to genuinely love about not being 25!

Old Friends

I love having old friends who remember me as a wild 20 year old and I’m lucky enough to have friends of 35+ years now. These friends speak my kind of crazy … they are my people.

These mates explored the world with me, and have witnessed births, deaths, relationships and more than one career along the way. Having friends who’ve lived life along side you for decades is a reassuring reminder of your place in the world.

Generally giving less fucks

At midlife you realise that life is fleeting. Truth is, I generally have many less fucks to give about the small stuff. Mistakes, mishaps and for me at least, embarrassing things still happen (I’m a bit clumsy, so oh yes, embarrassing things do still happen). Now however, I realise life is precious … and short. So while important things need to be fought for and against,  I let the ‘small stuff’ float by without angst or remorse these days.

Being buddies with my body

Luckily, I’ve never been too hung up on body issues and been fortunate I’ve not had any serious health issues. So while my body is not perfect by any means, nowadays I have nothing but respect for it. This body has allowed me to travel, exercise, work, birth a child, love and move in the world. 

I will not be complaining that I’m not another 2 inches taller or 10 pounds thinner. Nope. You wouldn’t speak to a friend like that and as I’m friends with this body – I don’t engage in negative self talk here either.

Having some extra coin 

Although in truth, it is often flagged for something for Mister 13…or the house…or (ahem)…those great shoes I want. The years of study and associated HECS debts plus the scrimping for a house have been done at least.

Not having to prove anything, to anyone

Of course I know now I never did, but I didn’t really believe that two decades ago! These days, I am super comfortable in my own skin … and it feels good.

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