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Ugh, hello Aunt Flo!

Ugh, hello Aunt Flo!

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That familiar dull ache across the abdomen and the sore lower back can only mean one thing – after a seven month break, I am getting my fucking period!

From my circle of menopausal mates, I was one of the few  who rejoiced at the prospect of no more periods. I’d never bought into the myth that my declining fertility would make me less attractive or less female somehow.

I was thrilled I’d no longer be welcoming ‘Aunt Flo’. Would never ‘be on the rag’, have ‘girl flu’ or have to consider a ‘code red situation’ ever again. Woot!

Seriously, I couldn’t wait for the super fun game of ‘Will I get a period this month?‘ to be but a distant memory. Thrilled at the thought of my hormones levelling out and not having to carry tampons with me, juuuust in case again. The prospect of not having to consider an unexpected, and most unlikely (but not impossible) pregnancy, also very welcome.

The Australasian Menopause Society states that the average age for menopause is 51, but symptoms can drag on for 5 or 10 years! (Aside: as if it’s not enough to have periods for thirty years, now we get to enjoy 5 or 10 years of peri-menopause.) Yeeesh!

Long story short … she’s back for a visit, that Aunt Flo! So I’ll put the jug on (for a hot water bottle) and tolerate this short stay. Understand though Aunt Flo, anytime you want to pack up and leave, that is absolutely fine with me!

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