Time to rewild

It’s time to rewild yourself. What does it mean and how do you start?

Sex, the city, and midlife: Just like this?

Sex and the City is back for a reboot and I can’t wait to revisit my favourite New Yorkers.

Menopause, at work

It’s a hot-flushingly relevant topic for women of a certain age, so why don’t we speak about menopause at work and beyond?

It’s past time for a hobby

It’s past time I found a pastime that I love, it’s time to get back on the hobby horse!

The Year of Enough

What a wild ride 2020 was, but the year we stayed inside has also given me new perspective on the fantastic good luck of having enough.

Note to self

Midlife things you should know by now… by midlifers who know!

Shoe me the way!

Shoes glorious shoes! Favourites to covet that will take you from lockdown to the world.

Tell me, who are you?

Midlife is a great time to check in with yourself. Are you living a life you love? Or is life just happening to you?

In praise of girlfriends

Girlfriends are good for you, we’re shouting praise for grown up girl gangs!

The year we stayed inside …

As the world retreats inside again, I’m celebrating the small rituals that punctuate these lockdown days.

Kegels…your fanny’s friend!

Kegels — the exercise that should be on your radar, for midlife and beyond!

Get bendy baby!

Yoga for midlife women has many benefits, it’s time to get bendy!

Contours and highlights

Not sure how to use contour powder or highlighter in your makeup regime? We’ve got you covered with tips from our pro in the know.

Rise of the midlife career woman?

Midlife women are the under utilised and unsung heroes of the workplace. Is it time for the rise of the midlife career woman? I say hell yes.

Hair … there, everywhere

The trials and tribulations of midlife hair. A wistful look at hair here, there and everywhere.

New Year’s Eve & The Awesome Jar

An annual tradition in our house has taken on new life in the age of Corona virus.