70s rock chicks who still rock

Let me start by saying this is not an exhaustive list by any means. Five of my favourite rock chicks that made it big in the 70s and who continue to inspire today.  Superwomen then, and now !

Stevie Nicks 

Stevie Nicks in full flight is a thing of beauty! The glorious raspy voice, that face, her wild energy and the fact that she has survived a life of misadventure make Stevie Nicks my favourite rock chick of the 70s. Decades later she’s still fabulous!

Debbie Harry 

Debbie Harry is New York cool meets punk goddess! The beautiful musical trailblazer who taught the world to rap (in French no less). Aside from being a superstar singer songwriter, she’s also live a big life. She’s hung out with Andy Warhol, come back from drug addiction, and even escaped an encounter with notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. Yeah, fair to say she’s done some stuff.

No fly-by-nighter – still performing, still touring – still magnificent in her 70s!

Tina Turner

I’m not an uber fan of her music, but man, has she lived a life! Tina Turner was fierce before we even knew fierce was a thing! She’s a survivor who overcame poverty and racism, an abusive husband, the suicide of a child and financial disaster. Hard to believe she has just turned 80!

 Tina Turner is a tour-de-force – if you haven’t see her dancing and belting out Nutbush City Limits … you are missing out.

Suzi Quatro 

Suzi Quatro was raised in a musical family and it shows. She’s a singer, songwriter, actress and radio host. The badass bass guitarist who studied classical piano and percussion along the way, and sold over 50 million records.

Multi-talented, you’ll remember she also played The Fonz’s uber cool girlfriend Leather Tuscadaro on Happy Days. Aside: On the topic of leather, remember how she rocked the shit out of her signature leather jumpsuit?

Kate Bush

Kate Bush wasn’t even 20 when she hit the big time with her warbling classic Wuthering Heights. An ethereal juggernaut, she sang, wrote her own songs, played piano and danced. Who can forget the dancing?

Most wonderful of all, she  penned the song that has spawned the hilarious global event – The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever. Look it up, it’s a thing. I say yes to red dresses and people ‘wuthering’ en masse across the globe.

Kooky and cool!

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