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Sex, the city, and midlife: Just like this?

Sex, the city, and midlife: Just like this?

Sex and the City is about to reboot! I can’t believe it’s been over 20 years since this sassy girl gang changed the world. Back in the day we watched SATC religiously, planned nights in alternating homes and dinner duties amongst my pod to watch en masse. Groups of thirty-somethings the world over captivated as our own lives were reflected back by our plucky New York heroines.

Why SATC has prevailed

In the Seventies, The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a precursor to SATC. Mary Richards was a feisty, independent career woman making her way as a producer in a busy television news room. One of the first women on television to be seen enjoying her single life with a great career, cool as hell apartment (that sunken living room!), fabulous clothes, and great girlfriends.

Sex and the City captured the same elements decades later and normalised women’s sexual independence for good progress. Independent women making their way, together. Life wasn’t always a bed of roses for our heroines, and we could relate to that. Sex, relationships, jobs, apartments and the hustle of life resonated. Friends as family and New York as a character all of its own added to the richness … and of course the fashion, which remains iconic.

I love all four SATC characters, flawed works in progress (like us all); I hope the years in-between have given them the chance for some kick ass evolution. I’m hoping the new series shines a torch on midlife in a positive way, with no cringey, stupidly stereotypical menopause and ageing jokes please. I hope this reboot shows midlife women as a force of nature and illustrates our lives as a continuing adventure; celebrates and normalises how women can be older, wiser, and cooler in their midlife version. And I have ideas on what I want to see in the reboot.

In my imaginings …

Carrie has moved on from her crippling financial illiteracy, initially solved by osmosis when she married wealthy businessman, Big. Now though, Carrie reigns over her own financial affairs. She’s diversified and learnt to invest in the stock market and real estate instead of just shoes. She’s invested in herself along the way too – something every grown up girl should do. This new Carrie writes about things that are important to her. She brunches and lunches and yes, buys shoes, but has a well considered nest egg too.

Needy, needy Charlotte was a relentless wealth-seeking missile, targeting only the most upwardly mobile of suitors. This predatory behaviour and the search for a rich husband was quite alien amongst my tribe in 1998 when it all began. Her desperation to rid herself of a career in favour of becoming someone’s wife is still strange to me all these years later. 

Reimagined Charlotte is now a midlife mum with regrets over how her over-focus on coupling prevented her experiencing life as a happy single. In my reboot, she’s taking time to herself and is off to Nepal on a solo hike with no money, no makeup, and no pretensions. Eating street food, drinking local beer, and exploring the world as a contented version of her single self.

New versions of ourselves

Miranda remains the sassy, supportive, no-bullshit friend we all need! Midlife sees her enjoying her many successes and finally chiling out. Now, she’s a senior law firm partner whose career demons have been met head on, and no longer plague her. Miranda mentors younger women and is a fierce advocate for some working life flexibility within her rigid profession. She’s relishing life from a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone, prudently purchased long before it became the hottest borough in New York.

Midlife has bought Samantha peace and quiet. She no longer has to contend as the most beautiful, socially connected, or sexually adventurous woman in New York. Freedom, finally! Daring and dauntless as ever, she’s left Manhattan for life on a Wyoming ranch. Still fabulous, she lives with a red hot cowboy who doesn’t give a flying fig about her glossy former life.

Old friends are the best friends

I’m genuinely excited about the new series and this overdue love letter from New York to the world.

And just like that, its time to gather the gang and fall in love all over with the grown-up versions of ourselves and our girlfriends from New York.

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