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The red lip revolution

The red lip revolution

red lips unwrapped

I’ve never been one for a lot of make up, and truth be told, most days I’m lucky to swipe on some sunblock and BB cream. I am however (and I realise this is late in life), starting to appreciate the red lip. 

Now, I’m wilfully choosing to ignore the beauty experts that beg for you to soften your colours as you age! Those cries for you to slide ‘beige-fully’ into mid-life are not heard here. Screw that girls! I’m embracing the red lip as a political statement and as a call to arms!

A slash of red lipstick screams ‘I am confident’, even if you don’t feel it inside. A red lip screams, ‘look at me, I’m here’ when the world wants to vanish you into mid-life invisibility. A red lip proclaims ‘I’m worthy of taking space’, a little war cry for those who want to rock midlife their way.

Choose the right red for your face (mindful of your skin tone and lip shape) and it will help light up your face, make your teeth seem whiter and add some bold ‘hell yeah’ to your makeup routine. 

Red is bold, bright and beautiful – elements I choose to embrace now more than ever!

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