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Press pause and breathe

Press pause and breathe

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Last year, after a long and busy work contract, I woke up one morning feeling absolutely knackered. Not tired from a poor sleep, not a bit tired from burning the candle at both ends – seriously knackered. I simply didn’t have anything left in the tank. A busy world and peri-menopause had left me feeling completely depleted. I needed to slow the fuck down. 

I work in the media and 50 hour weeks are the norm, with more as required. Long and busy days like this mean I simply don’t have a lot of down time. I throw off my day job hat and launch straight into my most important job of mum to one. It’s a juggle and it’s exhausting, and I know I am not an island here ladies!

Usually I’m fishing for work well before my contract ends, but this time I decided to wing it a little, take some time out, trust in myself (and the universe) and see what came my way after a little break.  

Pressing pause has given me time to exercise, plan meals, spend time enjoying my house and breathe. Really breathe. I’ve had more time and headspace to mother my teenage son and importantly, the opportunity to put something back into the ‘self’ tank. 

I’m no longer a believer that super busy is better or that super women can do it all year in year out, without losing something in the process. And yet we do it! Aside from paid work, women often also carry the full ‘mental load’ for the family and unfortunately, research shows we still do the lions share of domestic duties as well.

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This time off has been a gift, a restorative one that sees me now feeling ready for the ‘next’. These halcyon days won’t last forever – the cost of living here dictates that. So while the bank balance hasn’t grown in leaps and bounds, my health and happiness surely has – and that is priceless!

If you’re hovering over the button… I can recommend pressing pause.

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