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How to fake French

How to fake French

How to fake French

It’s one of those modern day mysteries, what is it about French women that makes them so chic? Is it the slightly undone style…the classic clothes? The casual sexiness and a confidence that seems to come naturally ?

We can all take some of their style on-board, here’s my cheat sheet on how to fake French!

Quality over quantity

Pick classic items that suit you and buy the best quality items you can afford, then pad your wardrobe out with fun seasonal buys. A crisp white shirt and a beautifully tailored jacket will take you anywhere and last you a lifetime. Add some heels for a mid-day meeting, or cool sneakers and jeans for grown-up-funky for drinks.

Wardrobe classics

Make neutrals your forever friend. Punctuate your classic wardrobe staples of black, white, navy and shades of grey with pops of colour that you can change up as you like. These colours will give you a stylish go-to base which won’t date.

Accessorise- oui

Accessorise, but not too much and don’t be too matchy-matchy. One cool signature piece of jewellery will do more for your style than an overload of bracelets or too much bling on your fingers. Try a cool scarf for a pop of colour and as an easy way to add street style to a classic look. (I love my funky skull and crossbones scarf with my classic blue trench).

Lose the ‘do’

If your hair is very fine, or oily – you may need to shampoo and dry daily. However, if you can get away with it, wash your hair every other day. Slightly dirty hair is textured hair with just the right amount of ‘grit’ to give hair some guts for styling. Day after hair (as in, the day after washing) is the best kind as your hair will be slightly gritty and help give you an ‘undone’ look.

Own it baby

The most important lesson for anyone, French or otherwise is just be yourself. Confidence is timeless and sexy – own your style, wear colours and clothes that make you happy.  I reckon that is the secret to eternal cool.

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