Un-resolutions for a new year

Happy New Year

No new year resolutions for me this year. Nope, no Sir-ee. 

Not only are my resolutions generally broken by January 4th, but I’ve decided I don’t like the under handed way they usually require you to ‘give up’ things. 

This year I resolve to give myself more of the good stuff and less of the bad ‘stuff’. This year, I am un-resoluting!  

I will not dramatically cut calories or fad diet in a bid to look how I ‘should’ look. 

This year I will look at food as a means to nourish my body. The same body that has served me well for fifty plus years deserves some respect.  This same body that has transported me around the globe and birthed a child has earnt some nourishing and spoiling. This year I plan to look after my body by eating well and treating myself occasionally. 

This year I will not resolve to take up a new hobby.

Instead I will make more time and more space for the things I already enjoy. Be it a yoga class, coffee with girlfriends or a pub night with the hubby. I’ll be looking to do the things that bring me joy more regularly, and if that includes a new hobby – terrific. There will be no pressure felt to ‘expand’ on my repertoire of hobbies.  

This year I will not frantically worry about chasing work all year round.

I am a freelancer and in truth, work is a permanent chase, but I have decades of experience and I have to trust in myself and the ‘universe’ that this too will resolve as it should. This year, I’m backing myself.

This year, my un-resolution resolve is strong. 

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