About Us

About not25

We believe age is just a number, but attitude is forever.

We’re busy midlife chicks and our weeks are full. We like to dress up (sometimes), eat out, work hard, entertain at home and barrack at kids sport and more. We’re not averse to the odd boozy dinner, a leisurely lunch or a girls weekends away.

Interesting women inspire us and we recognise there is enough room for us to celebrate each others achievements. We believe women supporting women is important at all life stages. Hell yes to grown up girl power.

We’re here for a good time, not to judge other women or to be judged, no controversy for the sake of it. We’re that in-between generation of chicks – individuals and trailblazers who still want to rock their way through midlife.

Are you still the crazy kid you once were? Well, kinda, you’re a little bit grown up – no getting around that. You’re just not 25 anymore, and we reckon that’s a good thing!

About Me

I’m Tracy, a creative storyteller with a media background. Universally known as TT, I’m a bit swear-y, a teller of tales, terrible dancer, enthusiastic talker, wife, and mum to one … I’m also not 25.

I love exploring the digital world however, I found there was nothing that really spoke to me as a midlife chick with a certain ‘hell yeah!’ mindset.

I believe midlife is cool, and things that make you sing should be a priority. I’m not interested in beige-ing myself down or beating myself up based on an age. It’s a big no thanks to a watered down midlife. I know there are others who rock this same not25 attitude.