Tracy is a media professional working in television. An enthusiastic explorer of the inter webs, she's held many different roles and has worked on documentary, reality and lifestyle television shows across almost two decades in the industry. Tracy also writes.

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Get bendy baby!

Yoga for midlife women has many benefits, it’s time to get bendy!

Contours and highlights

Not sure how to use contour powder or highlighter in your makeup regime? We’ve got you covered with tips from our pro in the know.

Rise of the midlife career woman?

Midlife women are the under utilised and unsung heroes of the workplace. Is it time for the rise of the midlife career woman? I say hell yes.

Hair … there, everywhere

The trials and tribulations of midlife hair. A wistful look at hair here, there and everywhere.

New Year’s Eve & The Awesome Jar

An annual tradition in our house has taken on new life in the age of Corona virus.

Friends and flatmates

Friends and flatmate families are part of our shared histories. Here’s a glimpse into some of mine.

It’s about your face …

What makeup do you really need to hide your little imperfections? And more importantly, how do you apply it?

Observations from hibernation

We’re all being asked to stay home, to hibernate for a while. I’m finding new things to love about the experience.

Tough broads of Hollywood

Five famous women of old school Hollywood with beauty, guts and gumption.

Tattoo who?

Granny tattoos are on the rise and why not, ink is for everyone!