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Life lessons from the 18 year olds on the next table

Life lessons from the 18 year olds on the next table

Recently I sat next to two girls who were about to start their first year of university. Babies really, with everything to look forward to ahead of them. I must admit to a few wry smiles as they discussed their new-found dilemmas.

Topics ranged from living away from home and mixing with new people, to popular pubs and cafes and mini heartbreak via Tinder dates who never called back. They covered the full gamut of 18-year old experiences with gusto.

There was no quiet cynicism in their conversation. No hard knocks had been had and life was clearly still an adventure; an adventure to be excited about.

Listening to their happy, unfettered babble served up some powerful reminders. It’s not sage on a mountain kind of revelations here, but reminders that are easy to forget when you’re a super busy mid-lifer.

  • Things can and do change, but change can be exciting.
  • The world should be a really great adventure.
  • New and interesting experiences are good for you!
  • Not everyone is going to like you all of the time – true and this is OK.
  • Taking chances, and remaining optimistic are paramount.
  • My favourite reminder … laughing with a girlfriend until you both cry is essential, no matter the age or the setting.

The best part about not being 25 is that I was able to quietly pack up my laptop and pay for their coffees on the way out. Good luck girls, and thanks for the reminders!

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