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Musings on a handbag

Musings on a handbag

leather tote bag

You can tell a lot by how people take their coffee. It’s true! 

Machiatto ? Too busy for more than a shot of coffee at any one time. Capuccino? Coffee swilling soccer mum, with time only for a quiet moment and a sweet treat when it comes in a takeaway cup. (Note: this is my coffee of choice at the moment so you can take the above with a large pinch of salt).

The same generalisations can be applied to handbags. Although I feel I should be a sleek and stylish mid-size bag kind of person, what I actually tote around with me is a large, well-worn leather slouch bag. 

This bag contains some of the boring essentials  – wallet, keys, mobile phone, but it’s also testament to the other more important things in my life. 

The crumpled up excursion form I signed and meant to drop into the school office for example. Testament to a busy working mum trying to get it right, with limited success at times. 

Ordering my ‘soccer-mum-cappuccino’ just now, I had to wade past a mouthguard,  two tennis balls, a school sock and a muesli bar just to find my wallet. Each memento an addition courtesy of my son. 

I did smile when I saw these in my bag. Bittersweet remnants of him as I know I won’t be his packhorse forever, as he grows ever taller and more independent with each passing year. 

Despite the fact I can’t ever find my phone before it rings out, I’m fond of this cavernous sack. It holds all that I ask without complaint. This bag holds precious things … the flotsam and jetsam of my life.

One day I probably will be a sleek bag person, but for now I’m embracing the chaos that is my handbag. Yes, for now at least … I think we suit each other.

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