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Look it’s true, for most of us we’re spending our days at home with no real need for makeup, for the time being at least. I’m taking advantage of this time to sort out things I probably ought to know by now — like what the actual fuck is primer? And do I really need it? I asked resident makeup artist Kristy Tyne to give us the lowdown. 

WTAF is primer and do I need it? 

There’s a primer for everything, but what the hell is it and do you actually need it?

There are some fantastic primers around now according to Kristy. A good primer can fill little imperfections and fine lines, others can help control an oily skin, or give your skin a little boost of radiance. Using a primer will also help give you a nice even surface on which to apply your makeup, help with your makeup application and the appearance of your finished face. 

Short answer yes you do need it, yes you will want to use it. For the best results, exfoliate and hydrate your face before applying.

Should I use concealer?

Let’s start with the bad news – concealer will not get rid of bags under the eyes or lumps and bumps on the skin. Booooo! In fact, if you apply it incorrectly, you might inadvertently highlight the problem area. So how should you apply? According to Kristy, it depends on what you’re trying to conceal.

Under eye area

First gauge the colour of your skin and think about what you’re trying to do. Conceal fine veins that can look a little blue? Then you’re going to need a concealer with a warm tinge of orange to counteract.

On an un—madeup face, stipple the concealer under your eyes. (Stipple…”to to paint, engrave, or draw by means of dots or small touches”) Use a sponge or dab with gentle fingers. Then use another concealer one shade lighter than your foundation to just past your orbital bone, where it will meet your foundation when applied. 

Yes people — you read that right. You should have no foundation under your eyes. Just concealer that is set (once your face is done), with a fine dusting of loose translucent powder. 

If you want to brighten up under the eyes, go for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Stipple on and feather the edges down to where your foundation will sit. 

Concealing redness 

Any redness or red patches on the skin will need a yellow-based tint to neutralise. If you have patches of red on your cheeks or nose, try a foundation with good coverage and a touch of yellow in the base. This should be enough to do the trick. 

Concealing age spots, freckles or pigmentation

Age spots, freckles and pigmentation, are trickier to deal with. You’ll need a nice warm concealer in a colour that is slightly darker than your foundation for best results.

Stipple with a sponge, or dab on with fingers a good amount of warm coloured concealer straight onto the skin to neutralise these problem spots. Then, apply your foundation over the top, being careful not to “shift” the concealer as you apply. With any dark pigmentation or stubborn age spots, you will need a good, full coverage foundation.

So what goes where?

Concealer under the eyes goes straight onto skin and is blended down to just below the orbital bone where it will meet your foundation. If you’re covering age spots or pigmentation, apply the concealer to the skin and then apply foundation over the top.

What is BB Cream?

BB is short for beauty balm (who knew?). Basically it is a cream formula with multi functionality. A one stop kind of hybrid makeup and skin care product. 

The best ones have sun protection and moisturising properties, and there a variety of colour neutralising varieties too. I use BB cream most days when I just want the SPF and a very light coverage. I say yes to low maintenance hero products, and yes to BB creams.

So what the hell is CC cream? 

CC creams are basically colour correcting creams. They’re more heavy duty than BB creams in both coverage and functionality. CC creams are particularly good at helping to fill in any little skin imperfections like lines and wrinkles and offer a little more coverage than a BB cream.

None of these are to be confused with foundation. But be it BB, CC or concealer – now you know how and where to apply.

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