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Observations from hibernation

Observations from hibernation

It’s very strange times indeed folks, with the world collectively huddled for cover at home. It has me thinking about things I actually am enjoying about being at home more.

While the uncertainty about jobs, income and the economy are very real and frightening, I’m making the most of my ‘bubble’ time. These are some of my favourite people on the planet right here with me, and I know I’m lucky to be safe and happy at home.


Cooking at leisure … who knew? Normally I’m finishing work in a fluster and going straight into Mum-and-dinner-cooking mode. It’s a revelation that cooking can be a relaxing and enjoyable past time — not just a needs must emergency to feed the child. My internal Nonna has also been liberated … forever checking if people have had enough to eat.

Time for ‘stuff’

Having time to do ‘the stuff’ … you know, the stuff! Cleaning out the cupboards, painting the chest of drawers I’ve had primed for years, digitally scanning old photos, organising this year’s tax return and finally, finally … a playlist on Spotify! Hurrah! (look for not25 on Spotify). My list of things to do is dramatically long — let’s see how long the motivation lasts!

Time for yourself

Enforced yes, unwelcome probably — but there is no reason you can’t capitalise on this downtime. This might be something big, such as an investment in yourself like learning a language or up-skilling. Perhaps it’s a more achievable, small thing — I’ve taken to making a proper afternoon tea using my Granny’s old teapot and teacups. Sitting with my book as I enjoy my tea has become a comforting ritual in these uncertain times.

Time to reflect

Now we’ve had a glimpse into some people’s year in year out reality, I’m also thinking about what skills I have that could help someone less fortunate. Enforced hibernation is a great reminder of what’s important and the little luxuries we take for granted.

Hugging your parents, a dinner with friends, strolling the shops … the movies! Can you imagine the adventures these everyday things will become again once we’re all back into the world? 

And, hopefully once we finish our collective hibernation … the bounce back will be astounding! The freedom, the jobs, the travel, the collective human spirit — hang onto the promise of that during your home stay!

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