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Do you actually need all the ‘stuff’ in your makeup bag? Chances are you have a lot of product that you don’t wear, and don’t need. 

I asked professional makeup artist Kristy Tyne to give us the skinny, on how to trim down your makeup bag. With over 20 years experience working in film, television, print and for private clients – she knows a thing or two about makeup!

These are the essentials every grown-up girl needs, according to an expert!

Foundation in the right colour and tone

When it comes to spending money on essentials, this is where you want to spend it! A foundation that matches your skin and gives you the coverage you want is the basis of any great makeup. 

Don’t try to find a foundation fit by trying it on your hand and hoping for the best. Always match your foundation to your face, and be sure to apply to your face to test. If in doubt, ask for sample pots so you can take a couple of shades home to try.


A little tube of magic! Black or brown mascara will wake up tired eyes and help give you a more youthful appearance. Look for a smudge proof version with a small wand, ideal for coating the lashes in the corner of your eyes. 

Khol … but not in black

A little khol smudged on the outer corners of upper and lower lash lines will make your eyes pop (relax … I don’t mean literally). Using kohl will define your eyes without the harshness of an unforgiving liquid liner. It’s also much quicker to do and easier to apply, so you won’t need surgical precision for success!

Skip the black kohl and opt for brown, navy or even a dark dark purple, all of which are softer for a mature face.

Soft pink blush 

A soft pink blush will suit most complexions. Whether you prefer a cream or a powder, the right soft colour will give you a flattering flush. My favourite is by the iconic brand NARS, in a fantastic colour called ‘Orgasm’.

Brow gel/pencil … in the right colour

Having great brows is like an instant facelift! A good rule of thumb is not to have your brows more than two shades darker or lighter than your hair. 

If your brows have some sparse areas, fill them in with a pencil or gel using soft feathered strokes to achieve a natural look. Remember ladies – solid block brows are not your friend! 

Lipstick or gloss

Three colours people … you should have three colours in your makeup bag! Apparently, you do not need fifteen half-used tubes of lipstick in your arsenal. Who knew?

You should be investing in a good nude, a soft pink and a red and mixing them to build up or soften colour. These colours will suit most and are enough to take you from day to night, and beyond.

Magnifying mirror

Absolutely essential in your make up kit! Kristy recommends a 15-times magnified mirror. Don’t be shocked when you first see your pores with this much amplification girls, my life has been forever changed since I started using one. 

Loose powder

You just want to set your foundation, not change the colour – so pick a translucent loose powder. This will hold little or no pigment. Use powder sparingly, just a touch to set your T-zone or a little on the cheek before you apply a powder blush. Too much and you can look too ‘done’ … the goal is fresh and fabulous not set in stone!

Eyeshadow palette (optional)

If you’re confident with your application technique a good tri or quad palette in natural tones will add some style and colour to your lids. If you aren’t confident with eyeshadow, stick to mascara and smudged khol.

Now for the hard part, throwing out all those old products you don’t need!

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