Shoe me the way!

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Shoes don’t let you down. Your butt never looks fat in them and you pretty much always know your size. What’s not to love, shoes (and bags) are easy. 

Today I’m celebrating the shoes I’ve been coveting in lockdown. The new wheels that will take me from lockdown to the world again. A word of warning though, if you’re hoping to see high-fashion, stick-thin, stiletto heels here, you’re going to be disappointed. You can take your stiletto spike heel and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ve done my years in ‘bird shoes’.  

WTF are bird shoes?

Bird shoes? What are bird shoes? This is what my sister and I call stilettos. Those sexy spikes, the teetering towers of terror that throw you off balance and make you (well, me at least) walk gingerly along searching for balance. The ‘bird shoe’ gait makes you look like a large uncoordinated bird; gamely plucking its way over particularly difficult terrain in short, sharp, uncomfortable steps.  It’s not a good look folks and I say, no.  No more bird shoes!

Give me fun and funky with a dose of comfortable please! Starting with wedges – I’m a fan. They’re comfortable to wear with a good flat base to add stability, and, of course, a little something to add some height. I’m coveting summer wedges in neutral tones that don’t overpower and will complement just about anything. 

Cool and classic sneakers

I love sneakers, I’m due a new pair and have been eyeing off some classic Nike Airforce 1. My 13-year old is vaguely mortified because so has he. Not so shockingly, he’s vehemently confirmed several times he does NOT want to get matching pairs! LOL. Sneakers look great with dresses, shorts, skirts and pretty much anything I am going to wear this summer. 

  1. Classic Nike Airforce 1 07
  2.  Adidas Superstar Bold Shoes


If you know me, you’ll know I love Birkenstocks! Although I have seventy-hundred pairs already, most have seen better days and I’ve been looking for a new batch to bring home. I say batch because I live in these beauties, so I actually do ‘need’  several pairs. I really do! There are some delightful patterns and colours, in particular I am loving …

  1. Arizona in Hearts Red
  2. Gizah Natural Leather in Copper 
  3. Kairo Birkibuc in Khaki

Flat Sandals

Nothing says Australian summer more than some brightly coloured flat sandals. Cute pops of colour, and glittery sunshine on your toes – count me in! 

  1. Jimbara Fuschia Leather
  2. Avacars Australia Silver Glitter
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  • Hey TT! Brilliant read & I couldn’t agree more! With a recent diagnosis of osteo arthritis in my left foot (disastrous for a nurse such as myself) I too am now looking for that Holy Grail of shoes – quirky, cute & comfortable! Currently loving Jo Mercer!
    Wish I knew how to attach a pic hmmm 🤔😆

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