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A life … in undies

A life … in undies

Does anything demonstrate how life is a 360 degrees kind of affair more than your undies through the ages? Let me explain …

First loves and beyond

In early childhood, you start off wearing undies you love. I helped pick my first pair of ‘big girl’ undies. They were hot pink cotton numbers and I absolutely loved them! They were the only motivation I needed to toilet at night as a toddler. The love affair waned some after this though. Undies were purchased in packs by my mum, replaced efficiently and as necessary with minimal emotional investment from me.

As a teen, plain almost boy-legged undies ruled. Perfect for under the school uniform, great to wear for sport and practical for when I started having periods. Side note … let’s just talk about period undies for a moment. I don’t think I’m spilling state secrets to say out loud that we all have period pants. They get no love from us, but deserve some respect. Let’s hear it for these battle scarred favourites we reserve for once-a-month wear.

The G-string years …

In my twenties, I moved onto more elaborate, more expensive and much smaller undies. The G-string! A staple for fashion models and embraced by us all at the time. These little pieces of ‘bum floss’ were bought by me … but often purchased with someone else in mind. Looking back, I suppose they were comfortable … but they seem such a distant memory now that I can’t really be sure!

My thirties saw established relationships, a busy career and child bearing for me. Hellooooo comfortable undies. Multiples of nude, black, and white were purchased, designed for simplicity and ease. I barely had time to brush my teeth during these years let alone shop for ‘cute’ undies. (To be fair, if internet shopping had been more readily available in my thirties, I maaaay have bought more cute undies.) 

Nowadays, I have a collection from the ages and they still match the occasions of my life. Pretty colours and patterns, seamless for fitted garments, plain nudes, high-cut legs with a waist – designed to hold in what was previously flat. And although my G-string years are behind me (pardon the pun), I do have a couple of ‘cute pairs’, and yup, period pants too.

So here’s to the evolution of our undies chicks! The silent heroes, the reminders of all the permutations of ‘us’ that have gone before. 

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