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MY happy Valentine

MY happy Valentine

Valentines Day when you’re young means some commercially endorsed show of affection from your ‘other’ on one specific day. (Who me? Cynical? )

Now, quite a long time down the track with my own Valentine, I can think of lots of things that scream romance to me more than flowers . And the best part? You don’t really need a Valentine to make any of these things happen.

Here’s 10 things I’d prefer over flowers

1.  Thai takeout bought home (without asking) after a long day at work.

2. A bottle of my favourite bubbles … or gin, just because he knows I love it. 

3.  A massage … not a ‘romantic’ massage. Please book me in at that place down the road, the one with the small and mercilessly strong little owner.  

4.  A gift voucher from my favourite cafe to help cover the cost of my caffeine habit.

5.  A pedicure … bliss! 

6.  Something Jo Malone-y for the bathroom. Then … let me read in peace with a glass of my bubbles while chilling in my scented bath haven. 

7.  Movie tickets! And I get to pick the movie (if I take a plus one)… with no assurances given that I won’t drag him back to see Jane Austin Book Club again.

8.  A road trip somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Someone else drives, does all the planning and I am literally, just along for the ride.

9.  Make me a Spotify playlist. I haven’t gotten around to compiling a good long playlist of favourite tunes to stream. The Smiths, Stone Roses, New Order and all my faves please – you know the ones.

10. Yum cha for weekend brunch. He hates this … but it’s one of my very favourite things to do on a leisurely weekend. Now that’s love!

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