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Take a one-day stay-cay

Take a one-day stay-cay

Time for yourself is a luxury many of us dream about, but it can be hard to carve out amongst a busy life. Newsflash … you’ve earnt it, and even taking one day for yourself will help with a little recharge. Here are some great ways to enjoy a one-day stay-cay! 

Go for a drive

Take yourself somewhere you’ve wanted to visit or just drive for the pleasure of it while you listen to tunes and sing it loud. Get lost somewhere scenic. Once there, go for a walk, check out the local shops or explore the cafe scene. Check the surrounds out on foot and your step-count will thank you too.

Potter around a gallery or museum

A day at a gallery or museum is a little luxury to love. Take a guided tour or walk yourself through, either way having time to saunter around an exhibition is a wonderful way to spend some downtime.

Take yourself to brunch 

Go to brunch. Make no compromises on where you go as you only have yourself to please. Find a seat with a view and people watch, order yourself a breakfast mimosa, read the paper front-to-back and then linger over your coffee. 

See a flick 

I can’t tell you how much I love a daytime trip to the movies by myself. No queues, no crowds and no discussions on the the movie. Oooh, and you don’t have to share your popcorn as a bonus!

Park it right there

Picnic and chill in the park 

Find a park, throw out your blanket and enjoy a picnic for one. I love to do this, it’s a great way to relax on the cheap, get some vitamin D, and connect with nature. Take a book or listen to a podcast, and while away an afternoon in nature.

Go op-shopping 

I love an opportunity shop! Not only are you saving the planet with recycled goods but sometimes there are fabulous treasures on offer. My most recent bargains include an Archie comic digest, leather cross bag, and a funky resin bowl. The best part about op-shopping by yourself is that you can linger and look at leisure. 

See a concert

Inspired by a friend who recently had a day off and went to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform. She had the time of her life doing something quite different to the norm and is already planning her next attendance.


Find that boxing / meditation / yoga class you always wanted to do and actually do it! Exercise is great medicine for both your headspace and your body – take yourself for some kind of green smoothie health concoction after.

Soothe the soul with salt water

Hit the beach

For me, the salt water and sun are cathartic, and a good swim in the ocean blows away cobwebs and energises the soul. I always feel better having spent time in the ocean.  If you aren’t near the sea go for a swim at the local pool, there’s something magical about being weightless in the water!

Binge watch something fantastic 

Uninterrupted binge watching is underrated! Most recently I watched back-to-back episodes of Fleabag and loved every second of it. Don’t be tempted to fold laundry, check emails or do some work on your laptop while you watch. Don’t do it! Hit the couch in sweatpants armed with whatever snacks take your fancy and remote at the ready… now just stay there. 

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